Walmart US Net sales by merchandise

Net Sales of Walmart US by Merchandise category

Merchandise category202220212020
General Merchandise$125,876$119,406$108,867
Health and wellness$42,839$38,522$36,558
Other categories$5,588$3,622$3,331

Net sales of Walmart US by merchandise category for fiscal 2019.

Walmart's business is divided into three segments that include Walmart US, Walmart International and Sam's club. Walmart US accounts for the largest part of the company's revenue. Amounts are in Millions.

SegmentNet sales3 months ended April 2018.Net sales 3 months endedJuly 31, 2018.Net sales 3 months ended Oct 31, 2018.
Grocery $43,860 Mil$45,991 Mil $46,183 Mil
General merchandise$24,174$27,305$24,838 
Health and wellness$9,128$8,837 $8,869
Other categories$586$682$693 
Total $77,748 Mil$82,815 Mil $80,583 Mil

SegmentNet sales 6 months endedJuly 31, 2018.Net sales 9 months endedOct 31, 2018.
Grocery $89,851  Mil$136,034 Mil
General merchandise $51,479$76,317
Health and wellness $17,965$26,834
Other categories $1,268$1,961
Total  $160,563 Mil$241,146 Mil

 Grocery represents the largest categpry of merchanidse sold at Walmart US followed by General merchandise and health and wellness.  During the first half of the fiscal year 2019, the company achieved merchandise net sales of $160.6 Billions. Nine months ended Oct 31, 2018 and the company had achieved net sales of $241.15 Billion US dollars.