Walmart International net sales by market

Net sales of Walmart in international markets FY19.

The sums are in millions.

Country3 months endedApr. 30, 20183 months ended July 31, 20183 months endedOctober 31,2018
Mexico and Central America$7,684 Mil.$7,510 Mil.$7,740 Mil.
United KIngdom$7,515$7,650$7,407
Total$30,260 $29,454 $28,793

 Check out the net sales of Walmart in international markets for the first 6 and nine months for the latest fiscal year (2018-19). Sums are in Millions

Country6 months endedJuly 31, 20189 months endedOct 31,2018
Mexico and Central America$15,194 Mil.$22,934 Mil.
 United KIngdom$15,165$22,572
Total$59,714 $88,507

(Sources: Walmart Quarterly Reports form 10-Q)