Target Corporation Revenue by Product Line

Revenue of Target Corporation by Product Line 2016-2021

Amounts in $millions.

Apparel and Accessories$14,304$14,772$17,931
Beauty and Household essentials$20,616$24,461$27,268
Food and beverage$15,039$18,135$20,306
Home furnishing$14,430$18,231$20,255
Other products$146$175$237
Other Revenues$982$1,161$1,394

2021: Target corporation generated $27,268 million in 2021 from the sales of beauty and household products compared to $24,461 milllion in 2020. The company experienced 13.3% growth in its total net revenues in 2021 compared to 2020. Its revenues from the apparel and accessories segment grew by $3.16 billion in 2021 compared to 2020. 

Product Line201820172016
Apparel and accessories$ 15,004$ 14,662$ 14,304
Beauty and household essentials$17,726$17,025$16,550
Food and beverage$14,585$14,256$13,831
Home furnishings and décor$14,298$13,672$13,130
Other Products$111$109$92
Other Revenues$ 923$928  $857
Total$ 75,356  $ 72,714$70,271

Beauty and household essentials is the largest product line sold by Target based upon revenue followed by apparel and accessories and food and beverages. In 2018, the revenue of the company from beauty and household essentials was $17.73 billion and that from apparel and accessories $15 billion.