Starbucks Number of licensed stores by market

Number of Starbucks licensed stores by market 2017-2019.

Latin America429622663
Total Americas 7,146 7,7708,093
CAP (China/Asia Pacific)201720182019
Korea 1,1081,2311,334
Taiwan 420458480
Philippines 324360397
Indonesia 317 365421
Malaysia 248 268
All Other 596 689
Total China/Asia Pacific 4,409 3,371
Turkey 387453494
United Arab Emirates 164186
Germany 156 152
Saudi Arabia124  166
Kuwait 118 142
Spain 113 142
All Others 804 936
Total EMEA 2,472 2,830
Corporate & Other20172018
total Corporate & Other3712

Starbucks is a leading coffee brand. It is a premium brand with an extensive global presence. The number of Starbucks stores has continued to increase every year. In 2018, the total number of Starbucks stores increased to 29,324 rising from 27,339. Out of the total stores, the number of stores operated by the company was equal to 15,341 and that of licensed stores was 13,983. In FY 2018, revenue from the company-operated stores accounted for around 80% of the brand’s entire revenue. Starbucks offers products in four segments: Beverages, Food, packaged and single-serve coffees, and teas as well as Others. The US is the primary market of Starbucks with the highest number of stores and accounts for the largest part of its revenue. Of the three major geographical market segments, the Americas are the largest market of Starbucks with the highest number of stores. The other two major geographical markets of Starbucks are EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa) and CAP (China and Asia Pacific).