Segmentwise Revenue of DowDuPont

DowDuPont Segmentwise Revenue 2015-2018

Amounts are in $millions.

DowDuPont manages its globaloperations through global businesses, reported in eight reportable business segments: Agriculture; Performance Materials & Coatings; Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure; Packaging & Specialty Plastics; Electronics & Imaging; Nutrition & Biosciences; Transportation & Advanced Polymers; and, Safety & Construction. Corporate contains the reconciliation between the totals for the reportable segments and the Company’s totals.

Year 2018 ($m)2017 ($m)2016 ($m)2015 ($m)
Agriculture$14,301 $7,516$6,173 $6,327
Performance Materials & Coatings $9,575$8,768$6,389$4,517 
Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure$15,116$12,647 $10,832$13,691
Packaging & Specialty Plastics$24,096$21,456$18,404$18,357
Electronics & Imaging$4,720$3,356$2,307$1,987
Nutrition & Biosciences $6,801 $2,786$948$1,029
Transportation & Advanced Polymers$5,620$2,521$897$583
Safety & Construction$5,453$3,006$1,877$1,938 
Corporate$295 $387$281  $349
Total   $48,778

The largest reportable segments of Dow DuPont (based upon revenue) include Packaging and specialty Plastics, Industrial Intermediaries and Infrastructure and Agriculture.

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