Segmentwise revenue of AT&T

AT&T segmentwise revenue 2016-2021

Amounts are in million dollars

Warner Media$35,259$30,442$35,632
Latin America$6,963$5,716$5,354
Video $32,124$28,610$15,513
Communications$ 154,232$ 150,378$ 144,631
Latin America$7,283$8,269$7,652
Corporate and other$ 1,731 $1,279 $ 1,191
Eliminations and consolidation$ (1,211) $ (1,183) $ (3,399)
Total $163,786  $160,546$ 170,756

The business of AT&T is divided into three mai segments - (1) Communications, (2) WarnerMedia, (3) Latin America. Xandr, which was a separate reportable segment previously is now included in the Warner Media segment. Video is included in Corporate and others.

2021: In 2021, AT&T experienced growth in segment revenues across communications and warner media segments but its revenues from the other segments declined. The company experienced a decline of 1.7% in net revenues in 2021 compared to 2020. AT&T generated $114,730 million in net revenues in 2021 from communications segment compared to $109,965 million in 2020. Its revenues from the Warner Media segment increased to $35,632 million compared to $30,442 million in 2020.

2018: Communications is the largest segment which accounted for around 84% of the total operating revenues of the brand in the year 2018. The next largest operating segment of the compny is warner Media which accounted for around 11% of the total operating revenue of AT&T. The above table shows the revenue AT&T earned from each of its business segments from 2016 to 2018.