Samsung sales by business segment

Samsung sales by business segment 2018-2021

Amounts are in billions of KRW.


Samsung major products by business division:

CE Division (Consumer electronics): TVs, monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. 

IM Division (Information technology and mobile communications): HHPs, network systems, computers, etc.

DS Division (Device Solutions) is divided into two subsegments that include Semiconductor and DP. 

Seminconductor: DRAM, NAND Flash, Mobile AP, etc. 

DP (Dsiplay Products) : OLED panels for smartphones, LCD panels for TVs and monitors, LCD monitor panels, etc.

Harman Division: Digital cockpit, telematics, speakers, etc. 

2021: Samsung's largest business segment or division based on net sales is the information technology and mobile communications segment (IM). However, the DS or Device solutions segment generated the highest sales for the company in 2021. It generated 125,089 billion KRW or $109.33 billion in net sales in 2021. Samsung generated 109,251.4 billion KRW ($95.5 billion) from the IM segment in 2021 compared to 99,587.5 billion KRW ($84.4 billion) in 2020. Its net sales from the consumer electronics segment in 2021 remained 55,832.4 billion KRW ($48.8 billion) compared to 48,173.3 billion KRW ($40.8 billion ) in 2020. The company enjoyed growth in net sales across all the business divisions in 2021 compared to 2020. Harman's sales in 2021 remained 10,040 billion KRW or $8.8 billion.

About Samsung: 

Samsung has its corporate headquarters and 19 consolidated subsidiaries in South Korea. The company also has 212 unlisted overseas subsidiaries for product manufacturing, sales, and R&D, with locations in the US, Europe/CIS, Middle East/Africa and Asia. Samsung sells a large range of products globally including mobile communication rpoducts, consumer electronics products, semiconductors and other products.