Samsung Net Revenue

Net Revenue of Samsung 2001-2019.

Samsung Revenue 2016-2018 (Annual & Quarterly)

Amounts are in billions of dollars and trillion Korean Won.

YEARREVENUE (Trillion KRW)REVENUE ( Billlion $)
2019 230.4 Tr KRW 
2018.243.8 Tr. KRW221.6 Bn USD
2017.239.6 Tr. KRW$211.8 B
2016.201.9 Tr. KRW$178.5 B
2015.200.7 Tr. KRw$173 B
2014.206.2 Tr. KRW$182.3 B
2013.228.7 Tr. KRW$217.2 B
2012.201.1 Tr. KRW$190.6 B
2011.165 Tr. KRW$154 B
2010.154 Tr. KRW$134 B
2009.136 Tr. KRW$119.7 B
2008.121.3 Tr. KRW$103.9 B
2007.98.5 Tr. KRW
2006.85.8 Tr. KRW
2005.80.6 Tr. KRW
2004.81.9 Tr. KRW
2003.64.8 Tr. KRW
2002.59.6 Tr. KRW
2001.35 Tr. KRW

In 2019, the net revenue of Samsung reached 230.4 Trillion Korean won from 243.8 Tr KRW last year.

About Samsung:

Samsung is a South Korea based electronics company with a global presence and a large product range. It sells a large range of products in the following categories: Consumer electronics, IT & Mobile Communications, Device solutions semiconductor and Device solutions display. Its global operations network includes 217 operations hubs as well as 15 regional offices. Samsung is famous globally for its large range of smartphones including the Galaxy smartphones.