Sam's club net sales by merchandise category

Net sales of Sam's club by merchandise category 2020-2022

Amounts are in millions.

Sam's club sales by merchandise category in millions (fy 2022)
Sam's club sales by merchandise category in millions (fy 2022).


Merchandise category202020212022
Grocery and consumables$35,043$42,148$46,822
Fuel, tobacco and others$10,571$7,838$11,048
Home and apparel $6,744$7,092$8,740
Health and wellness$3,372$3,792$3,956
Technology, office and entertainment$3,062$3,040$2,990
Total$58,792$63,910 $73,556

Grocery and consumables are the largest category of merchandise sold by Sam's club. In fiscal 2022, Sam's club generated $46,822 million in net sales from the sales of Grocery and consumables in fiscal 2022 compared to $42,148 million in 2021. Sam's club sales grew across all the merchandise categories in fy 2022 except for the smallest category which is Technology and entertainment.


Check out the net sales of Sam's club by each merchandise category during the first three quarters of fiscal year 2019.

Merchandise category 1st quarter ended Apr 30. 20182nd quarter ended July31. 20183rd quarter ended Oct 31. 2018
Grocery and consumables $8,012 $8,585$8,570
Fuel, tobacco & Other categories$ 2,919 $3,261$3,168
Home and apparel $1,202 $1,398$1,209
Health and wellness $801 $789$813
Technology, Office and entertainment$688  $757$761
Total $13,622 $14,790$14,521 
Merchandise category6months ended July 31. 20189 months ended Oct 31. 2018
Grocery and consumables$16,597$25,167
Fuel, tobacco & Other categories$6,180 $9,348
Home and apparel $2,600$3,809
Health & Wellness $1,590$2,403
Technology, Office and entertainment$1,445 $2,206
Total $ 28,412$42,933 

 Sam's Club is the premium membership only warehouse segment of walmart. During the first 6 monhs ofthe fiscal year 2019, it experienced net sales of $28.4 Billions and during the first nine months, $42.9 Billions. In entire FY2019, Sam's club experienced net sales of 57.84 Billion dollars.