Number of employees working at IBM

Number of employees working for IBM 2000 - 2018.

Numbers are in (000s).

2021: The number of employees working for IBM's wholly owned subsidiaries in 2021 was 282.1 thousand compared to 345.9 thousand in 2020.

The number of employees working in the wholly owned subsidiaries of IBM came down to 350,600 in 2018 from 366,600 in 2017.  Number of employees working in less than wholly owned subsidiaries of IBM was 9,400 in 2018. 

IBM is a leading Information technology brand that offers integrated solutions and products that leverage: data, information technology, deep expertise in industries and business processes. IBM solutions enable its clients to transform their businesses and enagge their customers and employees in new ways. Its portfolio of solutions includes consulting and IT implementation services, cloud, digital and cognitive offerings, and enterprise systems and software. Its business is divided into the following product segments - Cognitive Solutions, Global Business Services, Technology services and cloud platforms, Systems and global financing. Technology services and cloud platforms is the largest product segment accounting for around 30% of the entire revenue of the brand.