Number of Aircraft in Fedex Aircraft Fleet

FedEx Express aircraft fleet Number of Aircrafts 2014-2021


Year Aircraft
2018 670

As of May 31, 2021, FedEx Express employed approximately 289,000 employees. It had approximately 77,000 drop-off locations (including FedEx Office stores and FedEx OnSite locations, such as approximately 18,000 Walgreens, Dollar General and Albertsons stores). It had 684 aircraft in its fleet and approximately 87,000 vehicles in its global network. The number of Fedex Express employees was around 245,000 in 2020.

As of May 31, 2018, the FEDEX Express global air and ground network included a fleet of 670 aircraft (including approximately 300 supplemental aircraft) that deliver packages and freight to more than 220 countries and territories through a wide range of U.S. and international shipping services. Some aircraft are utilized in primary geographic areas (U.S. versus international), Fedex operates an integrated global network, and utilizes its aircraft and other modes of transportation to achieve the lowest cost of delivery.