Nissan Motors Net Revenue by Business Segment

Net Revenue of Nissan Motors by Business Segment 2014-2018.

(Excluding intersegment sales)

Amounts are in billions of Yen.

YearAutomobilesSales financingTotal
Billions of Yen
2017¥ 10,851.9¥ 1099.2¥ 11,951.17
2015¥ 11,265.9¥ 923.64¥ 12,189.52
2014¥ 10,594.2¥ 781¥ 11,375.2

The business of Nissan Motors is divided into two main reportable segments that include automobiles and sales financing. The revenue of the company from automobiles reduced in fiscal 2018 compared to the previous fiscal whereas that from sales financing increased. Revenue of Nissan motors from automobiles was ¥10,426.16 billion in 2018 compared to ¥10851.9 billion in 2017. Its revenue from sales financing grew to ¥1148.09 billion in 2018 compared to ¥ 1099.2 billion in 2017. Total net revenue of the company fell to ¥11,574.25 billion in 2018 compared to ¥11,951.2 billion in previous fiscal.