Net Profit of Nestle

Nestle Net Profit 2005-2019

Amounts are in million CHF  (Swiss Franc).

YearNet Profit (CHF millions)Net Profit (million $) approx.
2019CHF 12,609$13,850
2018CHF 10,135$10,348
2017CHF 7,156$7,271
2016CHF 8,531$8,658
2015CHF 9,066$9,409
2014CHF 14,456$15,774
2013CHF 10,015 
2012CHF 10,228 
2011CHF 9,487 
2010CHF 34,233 
2009CHF 10,428 
2008CHF 18,039 
2007CHF 10,649 
2006CHF 9,197 
2005CHF 8,081 

 Nestle is a leading multinational food and beverages company with a diverse product portfolio. The company is headquartered in Vevey, switzerland and employs around 308,000. Nestle is a global company with sales and distribution across 190 countries. It sells products including powdered and liquid beverages, milk products and icecream, nutrition for pets as well as prepared dishes, confectionary and bottled waters. 

Net profit of nestle increased to CHF 10,135 million ($10,348 million) in 2018 from CHF 7,156 million ($7,271 million) in 2017.

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