Net earnings of General Electric

Net Earnings Attributable to general Electric 2005-2018

Amounts are in million dollars.

YearNet earnings/loss Attr. to GE ($millions)
2011 14,152
2010 11,644
2009 11,025 
2008 17,410 
2007 22,208 
2006 20,742
2005 16,720 

In 2018, GE reported net loss of $22,355 million as compared to net loss of $8,484 million previous year. 

 General Electric is a leading global high-tech industrial company. It offers products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation and oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging, financing and industrial products. The company serves customers in over 180 countries and employs around 283,000 people worldwide. GE carries out manufacturing operations at 162 manufacturing plants located in 34 states in the United States and Puerto Rico and at 297 manufacturing plants located in 41 other countries. Since its incorporation in 1892, GE has developed or acquired new technologies and services which have broadened the scope of its activites considerably.

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