Lenovo revenue by Product category

Lenovo Revenue by Product Category 2015-2018

Amounts are in $millions.

2018/19 $45,013.4$6,024.6 
2017/18 $40,955.6$4,394.4 

In FY 2018/19, the company comobined its PCSD (PC and Smart Device Group) and MBG (Mobile Business group) groups to make the IDG (Intelligent Devices Group) group.

 YearPCSD  DCGMBG  Others
2017/18$32,379 M$4,394 M$7,241 M$1,336 M
2016/17$30,076 M$4,068 M$7,707 M$1,183 M
2015/16$30,795 M$4,553 M$8,548 M$1,016 M