Honda Motors Revenue by Business Segment

Revenue of Honda group by business segment 2014-2021

In Billions of Yen.

YearMotorcycleAutomobileFinancial ServicesPower Products and OthersTotal
2019¥ 2,100.1¥11,072.1¥ 2,365.3¥350.9 ¥15,888.6
2014¥1,689.2¥9,178.7 ¥1,326.0¥312.0¥12,506.0

2021: In 2021, Honda's net sales declined across all its business segments. Automobile revenue of the company declined to ¥8,567.2 billion in 2021 compared to ¥9,959 billion in 2020. Honda's motorcycle revenue declined to 1,787.2 billion Yen in 2021 compared to 2,059.3 billion Yen in 2020. Its net sales of power products declined to 321.7 billion Yen compared to 325.6 billion Yen in 2020. The company generated 2,494.2 billion Yen from financial services in 2021 compared to 2,586.9 billion Yen in 2020.


Honda has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The business of Honda group is divided into the following segments : Motorcycle business operations, Automobile business operations, Financial services business operations, and Power product and other businesses operations. Honda develops, manufactures and markets motorcycles, automobiles and power products globally.

The automobiles segment is the largest segment generating the highest part  of its revenue. In 2018 the company earned ¥10852.1 Billion from automobiles segment and ¥2038.7 Billion segment.