Google Revenues by Business segment

Revenues of Google by business segment 2015-2018. 

Amounts are in millions.

YearAd revenues (millions)Other revenues (millions)Total (millions)
2018$116,318 $19,906$136,224
2017 $95,375  $15,003$110,378 
2016 $79,383  $10,601 $ 89,984
2015 $67,390$7,154 $74,544

Most of Alphabet's revenues (99.6% in 2018) come from Google segment. Google generates most of its revenues from advertising and a smaller proportion from other sources that include sales of apps, in-app purchases, digital content products, and hardware; and licensing and service fees, including fees for Google Cloud offerings.  Google generated total $136,224 millions in revenues in 2018 of which $116,318 million came from advertising and $19,906 from other sources. Alphabet also generates revenues from its other smaller businesses which are classified as other bets.

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