Ford Motors Retail sales by region

Retail sales of Ford Motors by region 2015-2018

Numbers are in millions.

North America2.9333
South America0.
Middle East & Africa0.
Asia Pacific1.
  • ¬†Total retail sales of vehicle units of Ford in 2018 declined to 6 million units in 2018 compared to 6.6 million units in 2017.
  • Sales declined in 2018 compared to previous year across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • In North America sales of vehicles declined to 2.9 million units in 2018 from 3 million units in 2017.
  • In Europe, retail sales declined to 1.5 million units in 2018 from 1.6 million prevous year.
  • Asia Pacific retail sales laso declined to 1.1 millin units from 1.5 million units in 2017.

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