Dow Inc research and development expenses

Dow Research and Development Expenses 2017-2021

Amounts are in millions of US Dollars.

YearR&D Costs (millions)

Dow Inc spun off from Dow Dupont in 2019. Dow and Dupont became two separate companies with the spin off.

Dow experienced impressive financial growth in 2021 compared to the previous year with revenue rising to $55 billion and  net income reachign past $6 billion.

Dow spent $857 million on research and development in 2021 compared to $768 million in 2020. Its total cost of sales in 2021 reached $44,191 million compared to $33,346 million in 2020.

Dow has its headquarters in Midland, Michigan, United States. The company employed 35,700 people on a full time basis at the end of 2021. Its largest markets are the US and Canada.