Research and Development Expenses of Microsoft and Google Compared

Comparing the Research and Development Expenses of Microsoft and Google. Both Microsoft and Google are leading players in the cloud industry. However, compared to Google, Mocrosoft has been able to grow the range of its cloud services faster. Alphabet (parent company of Google) is also expanding its cloud services faster. The main source of Google’s revenue is … Read more

Advertising revenue of Facebook and Google Compared

Both Google and Facebook are market leaders in digital advertising. The two tech giants depend mainly on digital advertising as their main source of revenue. While Google’s non-advertising revenue has grown fast during recent years, Facebook still depends mainly on the revenue it generates from digital Facebook ads. However, over the last five years, both companies have enjoyed a sizeable growth … Read more

Facebook Free Cash Flow

Facebook Free Cashflow 2012-2019 Amounts are in $millions. Year Free Cash Flow 2019 $ 20,660 2018 $15,359 2017 $17,483 2016 $11,617 2015 $7,797 2014 $5,495 2013 $3,458 2012 $1,070  Facebook defines free cash flow as net cash provided by operating activities minus net purchases of property and equipment and principal payments on finance leases. In … Read more

Cloud Revenue of Amazon and Microsoft Compared

Amazon and Microsoft are the undisputed leaders in the cloud industry. Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers platform and services for developers and businesses to create, deploy, and manage apps through Microsoft managed data centers (Wikipedia). Microsoft Azure started in 2010 and is enjoying growing popularity over time. Amazon’s range of cloud … Read more

Cloud Revenue of Google and Amazon Compared

While Amazon and Microsoft are currently leading the cloud industry in terms of revenue, Google’s growth in the cloud segment has also been impressive. Compared to the two leaders, Google’s revenue from cloud has grown slower. However, the impressive growth it achieved in 2019, signals a stronger performance in the cloud segment in the years … Read more

Costs and Expenses of Amazon

Costs and Expenses in Amazon’s Business Operations Amazon is the leading e-commerce brand of the world and also a leading player in the cloud industry. Amazon’s revenue over the past three years has seen massive growth driven by increased global sales as well as growth in sales of cloud-based services. The net revenue of the … Read more