Nestle Number of Factories

Number of Nestle Factories by Geographic area 2014-2018 Region201920182017201620152014AMS156159158158161163EMENA141146146151166170AOA106108109109109109  AMS - Americas EMENA - Europe, Middle east & North Africa. AOA - Asia, Oceania and Sub Saharan Africa. As of…

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Nestle Market capitalization (year end)

Market capitalization of Nestle (at year-end) 2012-2019 Amounts are in millions of CHF (Swiss Franc) YearMarket cap (end Dec) in millions CHF2019301,7722018237,3632017256,2232016226,3102015229,9472014231,1362013208,2792012 190,038  At the end of 2019, the market capitalization…

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Nestle sales by region

Sales of Nestle company by geographic region 2015-2019 (excluding sales of Nestle waters) Amounts are in CHF millions. Zone/region20192018201720162015AMS33,15430,97531,25528,13025,844EMENA18,83418,93218,47817,42816,403AOA21,60221,33120,87815,90414,338 AMS - Americas EMENA - Europe, Middle east & North Africa…

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Nestle sales by Product category

Sales of Nestle by product category 2015-2019 Amounts in CHF millions (Swiss franc). Category20192018201720162015Powdered and Liquid Beverages23,22121,620 20,388 19,792  19,245 Water7,3917,409 7382  7414  7112 Milk products and Ice cream13,26813,217 13430 14331  14637 Nutrition and Health Science14,99016,188 15247  15038 14854 Prepared dishes and cooking aids12,188 12,065 11,938  12148  12579  Confectionery7,888 8,123  8,799  8679  8870 PetCare13,622 12,817  12,406 12067  11488  Powdered and…

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Nestle revenue from United States

Nestle United States Revenue 2015-2019 Amounts are in million CHF. YearSales ( CHF millions)201928,831201827,618201726,678201626,704201525,293 United States is the leading market for Nestle from where the company generated  CHF 27,618 million…

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Nestle Number of employees

Number of employees at Nestle 2012-2019 YearEmployees2019291,0002018 308,0002017323000 2016328000 2015 3350002014 3390002013333000 2012 333000 The number of employees working for Nestle was 291,000 in 2019 compared to 308,000 in 2018. Nestle Annual Reports. 

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