Amazon Revenue

Net Revenue of Amazon 2002-2019. Amounts are in millions. Year Net Sales (Millions) 2019 $280,522 2018 $2,32,887 2017 $1,77,866  2016 $1,35,987  2015  $1,07,006  2014  $88,988  2013 $74,452  2012 $61,093  2011 $48,077  2010 $34,204  2009 $24,509  2008 $19,166  2007 $14,835  2006 $10,711  2005 $8,490  2004 $6,921  2003 $5,264  2002 $3,933  Apart from being the leading e-commerce brand … Read more

Research and development expenses of Amazon and Google compared

A Comparison of the R&D Expenses of Amazon and Google Year Amazon R&D Expenses (Mn) Google R&D Expenses 2019 $35,931  $ 26,018 2018 $28,837  $21,419 2017 $22,620  $ 16,625  2016 $16,085  $13,948  2015 $12,540  $12,282  The leading tech brands spend a large fortune each year on ersearch and development to find faster growth and improve … Read more

Research and Development expenses of Amazon and Microsoft compared

Comparing the Research and Development Expenses of Amazon and Microsoft Amazon and Microsoft are the two leading players in the technology industry. The tech industry is seeing higher competition in recent years which is driving operating expenses for the businesses higher. The research and development expenses of these companies now form a sizeable part of … Read more

Cloud Revenue of Amazon and Microsoft Compared

Amazon and Microsoft are the undisputed leaders in the cloud industry. Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers platform and services for developers and businesses to create, deploy, and manage apps through Microsoft managed data centers (Wikipedia). Microsoft Azure started in 2010 and is enjoying growing popularity over time. Amazon’s range of cloud … Read more

Costs and Expenses of Amazon

Costs and Expenses in Amazon’s Business Operations Amazon is the leading e-commerce brand of the world and also a leading player in the cloud industry. Amazon’s revenue over the past three years has seen massive growth driven by increased global sales as well as growth in sales of cloud-based services. The net revenue of the … Read more