BMW Group's sales grew in 2019

BMW group enjoys higher sales and profits in 2019 versus last year.

In fiscal 2019, BMW group, the Munich based manufacturer of premium and luxury cars and BMW motorcycles enjoyed increased profitability and higher EBIT. Net revenue of the brand jumped 7.6% whereas sales of atomobiles grew 2.2% compared to the previous year. Except for a decline in customer deliveries of MINI cars, the other three segments, BMW, Rolls Royce and BMW Motorrad enjoyed significant growth during the year. Deliveries of automobiles made by the BMW brand grew 3.3%  whereas that of Rolls Royce cars grew by 21.6%. Net deliveries of BMW motorcycles on the other hand also grew 5.8%. 

BMW Group Net Revenues 2018-2019
BMW Group Net Revenues 2018-2019.


BMW group enjoyed a signifcant growth in revenue in 2019 compared to the previous year. Its net revenue for the year rose by 7.6% and crosses the €100 billion mark for the first time in its history. The automotive segment of BMW which accounts for the highest part of its net revenue grew by 6.8% rising to €91,682 million in 2019 from €85,846 million last year. Net revenue from motorcycles on the other hand grew to €2,368 million in 2019, rising from €2,173 million last year; yoy growth of 9%. Total revenue of theGroup jumped to €104,210 million rising from €96,855 million last year; yoy growth of 7.6%.

However, the net profit, EBT and EBIT of the group declined in 2019. While EBIT fell 17%, and EBT 26.1%, net profit of the company fell by 28.9%. Net profit of the group declined to €5,022 million in 2019 from €7,064 million in 2018.  

BMW vehicle deliveries by brand:

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BMW Brand Sales Volume:

The BMW brand delivered a total of 2,185,793 vehicle units to customers worldwide in 2019, a growth of 3.3% compared to the last year when it delivered 2,114,963 units. Growth remained particularly strong across the upper luxury segment. Sales volume grew in the upper luxury segment by 75% approximately to more than 100,000 units driven by the growign sales of model including 8 series. The all electric new BW i3 also experienced a growth in sales of around 13% with sales volume rising to around 40,000 units.

MINI brand Sales Volume:

Deliveries of MINI brand vehicles declined by 4.6% in 2019 compared to the previous year and fell to 347,474 units against 364,135 units in 2018. However, the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 remained highly popular and its sales grew by around 28% to almost 17,000 units. 

Rolls Royce Brand Sales Volume:

Rolls Royce Motors had the best sales performance in its history with net deliveries having grown by more than 21.6% in 2019 compared to the previous year. The brand delivered 5,100 units worldwide in 2019 compared to 4,194 in 2018. Rolls Royce achieved growth across all market regions but particlarly in North America. The Cullinan and Black Badge models experienced higher demand worldwide.

BMW Motorrad Sales Volume:

BMW Motorrad too recorded solid growth in 2019. The brand delivered a total of 175,162 BMW motorcycles and maxi-scooters worldwide to its customers which was 5.8% higher than the previous year when it delivered 165,566 units worldwide.

BMW Group revenues in 2019 versus 2018

BMW Group Revenue from Automobiles 2018-2019
BMW Group Revenue from Automobiles 2018-2019.


Net Revenue of the BMW group grew to €104,210 million in 2019 compared to €96,855 million in 2018. It is for the first time in the history of the group that the company has generated net revenue above €100 billion. Its net revenue from the automotive segment grew by 6.8% rising to €91,682 million in 2019 compared to €85,846 million last year. Group revenue from motorcycles grew by 9% rising to €2,368 million from €2,173 million in 2018. Group revenue from financial services on the other hand grew by 6.8% rising to €29,598 million in 2019 from €27,705 million in 2018.

BMW Group Revenues 

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Financial Services

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Other Entities

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Performance in key markets:

China was the biggest driver of BMW's performance in 2019 where the company experienced a significant jump in sales. Vehicle deliveries in China grew by 14% compared to the previous year. The BMW group delivered 724,733 vehicle units in China compared to 635,813 units in 2018. Deliveries grew across the US as well compared to last year but declined in Europe. In the United States, BMW Group delivered 375,751 units in 2019 compared to 355,373 units in 2018; yoy rise of 5.7%. Deliveries across Europe again exceeded the 1 million units mark for the fifth consecutive year. However, there was a decline of 1.2% in 2019 compared to the previous year in the number of vehicle deliveries in Europe. Last year, the BMW group delivered 1,097,117 vehicle units. The figure came down to 1,083,669 vehicle units in 2018 across Europe.