Apple Revenue by Geographical segments (quarterly)

Apple Inc Quarterly Geographic Revenue 2015-2019.

Apple's business is divided into five geographic segments that include the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan and Rest of Asia Pacific. Americas have remained the biggest market of Apple and its largest source of revenue accounting for more than 40% of its revenue consistently for several years.

Geographical Revenue 2019.

Apple's revenue from the Americas grew by around 4% in 2019 compared to 2018. In 2019, the Americas accounted for $116.9 billion in revenue compared to $112.1 billion in 2018. Apple's revenue from Japan, Greater China and Europe decline in 2019 compared to the previous year. Apple's revenue from Europe came down to $60.3 billion in 2018 as compared to $62.4 billion in 2018. Revenue from Japan in 2019 came down to $21.5 billion compared to  $21.7 billion in 2018. In Greater China, Apple's revenue decline by around 16% in 2019 compared to the previous year. Apple's revenue from Greater China came down to $43.68 billion in 2019 from $51.9 billion in 2018.  Its revenue form the rest of Asia Pacific grew slightly rising from $17.4 billion in 2018 to $17.8 billion in 2019.

Geographical Revenue 2018.

The Americas generated more than $112.1 Billion in revenue in 2018, an increase of more than 15 billion dollars over the previous year. Americas are followed by Europe and Greater China as the largest source of revenue for Apple Inc. Apple's revenue from Europe for FY2018 was $62.4 Billion which was around $7.5 Billion higher than the previous year. Greater China generated around $51.9 Bilion and Japan around $21.7 Billion and rest of Asia Pacific around $17.4 Billion.  Apple's consolidated net sales in 2018 were $265.6 Billion and $229.2 Billion in 2017.

Check out the revenue of Apple from major geographical segments for each quarter from 2015 to 2019

(Amounts in millions).

Geographical segment - (Americas)Revenues (Millions)
Q1 FY2015$30,566
Q2 FY2015$21,316
Q3 FY2015$20,209
Q4 FY2015$21,773
Q1 FY2016$29,325
Q2 FY2016$19,096
Q3 FY2016$17,963
Q4 FY2016$20,229
Q1 FY2017$31,968
Q2 FY2017 $21,157
 Q3 FY2017 $20,376
 Q4 FY2017 $23,099
Q1 FY2018  $35,193
 Q2 FY2018 $24,841
 Q3 FY 2018 $24,542
Q4 FY2018 $27,517 
 Q1 FY2019 $36,940
Q2 2019$ 25,596
Q3 2019$25,056
Q4 2019$29,322

 Geographical segment Europe

EuropeRevenues (Millions)
Q1 FY2015$17,214
Q2 FY2015$12,204
Q3 FY2015$10,342
Q4 FY2015$10,577
Q1 FY2016$17,932
Q2 FY2016$11,535
Q3 FY2016$9,643
Q4 FY2016$10,842
Q1 FY2017$18,521
Q2 FY2017 $12,733
 Q3 FY2017 $10,675
 Q4 FY2017 $13,009
 Q1 FY2018 $21,054
 Q2 FY2018 $13,846
 Q3 FY2018 $12,138
Q4 FY2018  $15,382
 Q1 FY2019 $20,363
Q2 2019$13,054
Q3 2019$11,925
Q4 2019$14,946


Geographic segment Greater China

Greater ChinaRevenues (Millions)
Q1 FY2015 $16,144
Q2 FY2015 $16,823
Q3 FY2015$13,230
Q4 FY2015$12,518
Q1 FY2016$18,373
Q2 FY2016$12,486
Q3 FY2016$8,848
Q4 FY2016$8,785
Q1 FY2017 $16,233
Q2 FY2017 $10,726
 Q3 FY2017 $8,004
 Q4 FY2017 $9,801
 Q1 FY2018 $17,956
 Q2 FY2018 $13,024
 Q3 FY2018 $9,551
Q4 FY2018  $11,411
 Q1 FY2019 $13,169
Q2 2019$10,218
Q3 2019$9,157
Q4 2019$11,134


JapanRevenues (Millions)
Q1 FY2015$5,448 
Q2 FY2015 $3,457
Q3 FY2015 $2,872
Q4 FY2015 $3,929
Q1 FY2016 $4,794
Q2 FY2016 $4,281
Q3 FY2016 $3,529
Q4 FY2016 $4,324
Q1 FY2017 $5,766
Q2 FY2017 $4,485
 Q3 FY2017 $3,624
 Q4 FY2017 $3,858
 Q1 FY2018 $7,237
 Q2 FY2018 $5,468
 Q3 FY2018 $3,867
Q4 FY2018  $5,161
 Q1 FY2019 $6,910
Q2 2019$5,532
Q3 2019$4,082
Q4 2019$4,982


Rest of Asia PacificRevenues (Millions)
Q1 FY2015 $5,227
Q2 FY2015 $4,210
Q3 FY2015 $2,952
Q4 FY2015 $2,704
Q1 FY2016 $5,448
Q2 FY2016 $3,159
Q3 FY2016 $2,375
Q4 FY2016 $2,672
Q1 FY2017 $5,863
Q2 FY2017 $3,795
 Q3 FY2017 $2,729
 Q4 FY2017 $2,812
 Q1 FY2018 $6,853
 Q2 FY2018 $3,958
 Q3 FY2018 $3,167
Q4 FY2018  $3,429
 Q1 FY2019 $6,928
Q2 2019$3,615
Q3 2019$3,589
Q4 2019$3,656
  • Apple is a leading brand of computing produtcs and smartphone devices. Apart from them, it also manufactures and sells a large range of related software, services, accessories and third-party digital content and applications. Its range of products and services includes iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple TV, HomePod, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems, iCloud, Apple Pay and more accessories, services and support offerings. Apple also sales and deliver digital content and applications through iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, TV App Store, Book Store and Apple Music. The company uses a mix of direct and indirect distribution channels for the sales of its products. In 2018, it achieved 29% of its sales through the direct channels and 71% through the indirect channels. Net sales of the company in FY2018 reached $265.6 Billion and Net Income $59.5 billion.
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