Airbus Revenue by Business Segment

Revenue of Airbus from each business segment 2013-2018

Amounts are in €millions.

YearAirbus (commercial aircraft) HelicoptersDefence and Space Transversal / EliminationsTotal
2018 €47,970m€  5,934m€ 11,063m€(1,260)m€ 63,707m
2017€43,486m€ 6,335m€10,596m€(1,395)m€ 59,022m
2016€49,237m€ 6,652m€ 11,854m€(1,162)m€ 66,581m
2015€ 45,854m€6,786m € 13,080m€(1,270)m€ 64,450m
2014€ 42,280m€6,524m € 13,025m€(1,116)m€ 60,713m
2013€ 39,494m€ 6,297m€13,121m €(1,345)m€ 57,567m

 Commercial Aircrafts are the largest source of revenue for Airbus company. In 2018, the company's revenue from this segment was €47,970m compared to €43,486m in 2017. Its revenue from Defense and space was € 11,063m in 2018 compared to €10,596m in 2017. Helicopters generated €  5,934m in revenue in 2018 as compared to € 6,335m in 2017.

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