Accenture Revenue by Operating Groups

Revenue of Accenture Inc by each operating group 2013-2021

Amounts are in millions. 

The following table shows the net revenue of Accenture Inc from each operating group. Amounts are in millions of US dollars.

Year/operating group202120202019
Communications, media & technology$10,286$8,883$8,757
Financial services$9,933$8,519 $8,494
health & public service$9,498$8,024 $7,161
Products$13,954 $12,287$12,005
Resources$6,863$6,614 $6,772
Other  $26
Total$50,533$44,327 $43,215 

Accenture has divided its business operations into five reportable segments or groups. Products are the largest segment or operating group of the company followed by communications, media and technology. The company generated $13,954 million from products in 2021 and $10,286 million in 2020. Its net revenue from financial service was $9,933 million in 2021 and $9,498 million in health and public services. The company also generated $6,863 million from resources in 2021.

Operating Group201820172016201520142013
Communications, Media & Technology$8,031$6,885$6,616$6,349$5,924$5,686
Financial Services$8,238$7,394$7,031$6,635$6,511$6,166
Health & Public Service$6,688$6,178$5,987$5,463$5,022$4,739

The Net Income of Accenture increased from 3.6 Billions in FY2017 to 4.2 Billions in FY2018.  Accenture is among the world's leading professional services companies that serves clients in a broad range of industries. Its business is divided into three key markets ona  geographical basis - North America, Europe and Growth Markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East). Its business is also segmented into five distinct operating groups strategy, consulting, digital, technology including application services, and operations to deliver end-to-end services and solutions to clients. The revenue of Accenture increased to 41.6 Billion dollars in 2018.