Tesla vehicle production and deliveries

Tesla Vehicle Production and Deliveries in 2019 (quarterly)

Tesla delivered around 95,200 vehicles in q2 2019 a jump of around 51% from the previous quarter. In q1 2019, Tesla produced around 77,100 vehicles and delivered around  63,000. 

These figures rose to 87,048 and 95,200 respectively in q2. Deliveries of Model 3 grew by more than 50% from q1 to q2. Model S and X deliveries also grew significantly (around 45%) in q2 compared to previous quarter.

Model S/XProduction Deliveries
q1 2019 14,15012,100 
q2 201914,517 17,650
Model 3ProductionDeliveries
q1 201962,95050,900
q2 201972,531 77,550
q1 201977,10063,000
q2 201987,04895,200

q1 2019 :

In q1 2019, Tesla delivered around 63,000 vehicles including 50,900 Model 3 and 12,100 Model S and X. Total deliveries were around 110% higher than q1 of 2018, however, 31% less than q4 of 2018. The company experienced significant growth in deliveries in Europe and China. However, it also saw several challenges arising for the first time which led to a large number of deliveries getting shifted to q2.

  More than 10,600 vehicles were in transit (delivery not complete) by the end of first quarter. Model 3 experienced healthy demand and sales in North America  where it remained the best selling mid-size premium sedan, outpacing its nearest competitor by around 60% in unit sales.

q2 2019 : 

 Delivery was higher than production in q2 2019. The total production was 87,048 units. Tesla achieved record deliveries of 95,200 vehicles (32,200 or nearly 51% higher than the previous quarter). The number of orders received in q2 was greater than deliveries and Tesla is entering q3 with a significant backlog.  The company has made significant progress streamlining its global logistics and delivery operations. It will be able to grow its production and deliveries in q3. Vehicles in transit at the end of q2 2019 were more than 7,400 compared to 10,600 at the end of q1. 

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